Our high net worth, family office, and institutional clients appreciate low standard deviation, predictable annual cash yields. At the Atlanta Financial Group, we seek affordable housing properties with a catalyst for rent, job, or population growth during the expected ownership period. Our country experiences an overwhelming shortage of affordable housing and statistics show the trend will continue to worsen. Our philosophy blends characteristics perfect for investment:

Predictable, annual returns targeting 10% and paying quarterly distributions,

Additional upside at disposition or refinance from a variety of value-add strategies,

A niche asset that provides an economic hedge (demand increases as an economy weakens), and

For many of our acquisitions, a partnership with the most stable entity on the planet, the United States government.

The Atlanta Financial Group makes an extraordinary effort to thoroughly vet every potential acquisition, so ownership is well-capitalized and well-prepared. Finally, our investment philosophy does not stop at acquisition. It is critical to maintain each property during ownership. The Atlanta Financial Group continues to protect each investment through detailed construction and asset management.